Sunday, June 26, 2011

To Blog or Not to Blog

One decision that has made my life much simpler is that I have reduced the amount of time I spend reading blogs.  Why?  I dislike the idea that people can post falsehoods, without putting their names on it and not be held responsible for their lies.  In my opinion if you want me to give credibility to your concern or comment I need to know who you are.    That is the reason that when I post on a blog I use my name.

Funding and Budgets

A major item on the agenda for Tuesday, June 28 is the budget.  A primary role of the board is to ensure that the district has a budget that is realistic.  However, that can be tough given that the state does not yet have a budget.  Based upon emails and conversations I thought I would point out some facts - most of you may already be area of these:

  • The County Office of Education requested that MDUSD prepare a budget that took into account a reduction in ADA of $330 per student
  • An item in the special education budget is response to intervention (RTI).  In most other districts, the cost for this is in the general fund budget not special education.
  • Funds allocated to construction managers, project managers, etc for Measure C CANNOT be used for salaries such as SEA positions, teachers, etc.  Measure C can only be used for facilities and management of the projects for facilities