Sunday, June 26, 2011

Funding and Budgets

A major item on the agenda for Tuesday, June 28 is the budget.  A primary role of the board is to ensure that the district has a budget that is realistic.  However, that can be tough given that the state does not yet have a budget.  Based upon emails and conversations I thought I would point out some facts - most of you may already be area of these:

  • The County Office of Education requested that MDUSD prepare a budget that took into account a reduction in ADA of $330 per student
  • An item in the special education budget is response to intervention (RTI).  In most other districts, the cost for this is in the general fund budget not special education.
  • Funds allocated to construction managers, project managers, etc for Measure C CANNOT be used for salaries such as SEA positions, teachers, etc.  Measure C can only be used for facilities and management of the projects for facilities

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